Lab Capability and Bespoke Equipment Builds


Lab Capability and Bespoke Project Builds

Volumetric Measure Calibrations

Our lab has been developed in order to support our equipment that we use in the field to calibrate our clients instruments. It is here where we keep our master standards which are calibrated annually by the National Measurement Institute in line with our 17025 Quality Management System.

This means we are able to support the customers accuracy requirements in the field as well as the lab if the client wishes to send their equipment to us.

Volumetric calibrations of test measures to a 0.01% uncertainty of measurement at a level of confidence of 95.45%

Bespoke Flow Measurement Equipment Builds

Using our onsite experience and working within the requirements of the international and national
standards as well as our client’s requirements we are able to design, procure, fabricate, commission
and deliver bespoke flow measurement equipment.

This includes:
– Master meter trailers
– Volumetric test measures 1litre – 2500 Liters within 0.01% uncertainty of measurement
– Water draw calibration systems (modular or fixed)