Kairos Metering Services

Delivering the Proof

Our people have a combined 40 years of experience in flow measurement and calibrations. Providing traceable onsite calibrations to our client’s custody transfer facilities globally.


Our Core Experience and Capabilities

Specializing in onshore and offshore prover calibrations, Sampling System Verification onsite as per API Chapter 8.2 and supply of bespoke test equipment for our client’s onsite flow measurement requirements

Flow measurement consultancy

Onshore and offshore meter prover calibrations by the master meter or water draw method

Onsite Sample System Verification Testing as per API MPMS Chapter 8.2


Design, fabrication, and commissioning of bespoke onsite flow calibration equipment


Flow measurement and tank calibration training


Onsite flow meter calibrations & Supply of flow metering hardware

What sets us apart


Added value & innovative and certified equipment

kairos metering men working on ship

1. Commitment to People

We respect and value all our interactions with all people, seeking to develop ongoing sustainable relationships governed by strong ethics and built on best service best quality.

2. Accountability

We do what we say and take ownership.

3. Quality

We do what we do well, delivering service excellence with continuous improvement at the forefront, delivering our best service efficiently and effectively.

4. Integrity

We operate strictly in the boundaries set both externally and internally no matter what.

5. Respect

We respect our customers, our people, and their families.

We choose to put people first

Kairos Values

6. Innovation

We commit to cultivating an environment for open idea sharing and further development for personal and company growth.

7. Others

We are outward focused.

8. Trust

We operate in a way that is inclusive and respectful. We do not act in accordance with our own agenda but act for the good of our fellow workers, our company and our customers.

9. Fun

We work hard and have fun .


To responsibly improve all aspects of every environment in which we work and operate – natural, social and economic


Deliver innovative solutions through our close relationships with our customers in order to ensure they achieve the quality and accuracy in their operations. Empowering them to responsibly compete, contribute and be successful in the global market place

Our near future… stay tuned.

We have completed our quality management system and our technical team have completed the relevant training for ISO 17025:2017. We have applied for our lab accreditation to provide volume calibrations to the industry with a certified 0.03% overall Uncertainty of Measurement

“Over the years our people have been blessed to develop relationships with key clients in many locations around the world…. we value these immensely and it’s really this that drives Kairos to deliver the innovation and added value to benefit our customers operations and budget”

Greg Dinkelman

MSc Proj Mngt